Everything old is new again.  For years, everyone who walked through our doors for the first time was greeted by Betty.  Actually, everyone who walked through the door was greeted by Betty because she was genuinely happy to see you.  But she especially liked new people. 

You, as a new person, would come and sit near the back and hope not to be noticed until you can scope out the situation and make sure this congregation was OK before identifying yourself.  That would be your plan anyway.  But then Betty would come up to you and ask you to sign our registration book and you would suddenly realize you had a pen right here and you would be signing the registration book.  (Don't worry, gentle readers, we understand you have no intention of signing our book on the first day.)  And now Betty is gone from our midst.

The world is a poorer place now.

Its a funny thing, Betty was a renaissance woman.  She could draw like nobody you've ever seen.  She knew a lot, and could hold a conversation on most topics.  She could sing.  I understand that she could dance, but I never saw her do it except at a pot luck once when she decided to grab a certain gentleman and waltz.  

She and Thurmon would go on outings together.  Thurmon would drive.  Did I mention that Betty had courage too?

Today we spoke of nothing but Betty.  On August 11 we are going to have a formal memorial service, and of course we will have a pot luck.  Betty loved pot lucks.