Today we listened to the words of Sally Kohn talking about how we can deal with hate in the United States.  

We all have our in-group and everyone not in our in-group is in an out-group.  Actually we are part of many in-groups.  Believing that your in-group is better than any out-group is the beginning of prejudice.  When don't take time to think about this, you probably don't realize that this is a manifestation of hatefulness.  This sanctimonious position in inherently discriminatory.  And you think to yourself "I'm not hateful, I'm just right.  Many of our habits are demeaning and dehumanizing and it teaches us to hate through these sanctimonious thoughts.

Integration implicitly reduces bias and hate.  Once we know each other, it is much harder to hate.  It is much harder to fear.  There has been a big run up on fear these last two years since the election season of 2016.  Our fears solidify our out-group.

But, we can change.  Other people have.

We had a long discussion after the service was over.  If this sounds like the sort of topic you would like to talk over with friends, come join us some Sunday.  Not Sunday August 5, however, because we are closing the church building and all attending the Druid Sunday service at the Dublin Irish Festival on August 5, 2018.  Come the week after that though.