In our little congregation, we try to spend one Sunday each year devoted to thinking about water.  This was the Sunday.  We light the chalice in the spirit of union.  Nothing is in more harmony with union than water.

"Water unites us. All water is one water, shape-shifting as it goes on and on in its unending cycle. The stream we gather by unites us with all the waters of the world, for all of life depends on water.

That's why this common, everyday element on which our very lives depend is sacred.

In our thankfulness for water, let us remember to honor, cherish, and care for it — for our own lives, for all life touched by water, and for those who come after us."

The Rev Mel Hoover and Rose Edington

Many of us  brought a little bit of water with us to pour into the cauldron and unite with the other water.  In the spirit of community we speak about how water has changed our lives.  Children swimming in pools, water from the Hudson river, water from the creek in Reynoldsburg, and water from a rain barrel were all contributed to the common pool.   One of our members brought water from a spring near his home, but he added to it a few drops of the water that he had collected from St Bridget's well on his recent trip to Ireland.  

It seems fitting that we should do this.  No, it isn't as if we ascribe any magic to blessings made with sacred water any longer.  Nevertheless, sometimes we should take time to notice that other people in other places can not depend on the availability of clean water.  Not only undeveloped places, but places in America too... notably Flint Michigan, but there are other places as well.  Its a blessing to have abundant clean water whether you believe that God makes it rain or whether you believe that it comes from the waste treatment plant.

Come join us, we can provide you with interesting things to talk about once a week.  Some of us come intermittently, and some every week.  If you have visited before, you are welcome to come back and see us, even if it is only once a year.  Every discussion it its own.