Today we had a service by local representative of the ACLU.  The first thing to remember about the ACLU is that they consider their client to ultimately be the constitution of the U.S.  More often than not, it is the first amendment that is threatened.  hat is important to remember because sometimes they go to court on behalf of people protesting the KKK, and sometimes they go to court on behalf of the KKK.  Generally the unifying element between the two decisions is to defend the right of free speech.

The Federal government has 19,000 lawyers and 11,000 work for the justice department.  The ACLU has 300 lawyers.  When the government decides that some people get their liberties and some people do not, then it is the task of the ACLU to help level the playing field.  

The ACLU Mission is to educate, advocate and littegate.  They allocate their money in that order as well.

We had a long discussion about Gerrymandering an what Ohio has done to counter the process of gerrymandering.  Today, even though Ohio is split just about 50-50 in political registrations, the R party has 75% of the members of Congress from Ohio.

Hope you can come join in our discussion.  We have a wide range of discussions on Sundays.  If you've visited in the past, then please come back and join us for another interesting discussion.  If you've never visited, then please come try it out.  We don't bite.