Today we discussed the work of the Christian PeaceMaker Teams who help defend the poor and dispossessed in Columbia.  In 2017 about 300 human rights activists were murdered around the world.  Of those, 121 were killed in Columbia.  

The news in the U.S. does not keep us up to date on the horrible situations in many central and south American countries.  In Columbia last year, the 30 year guerilla war between the government and the FARC was declared to be over.  But now the big oil companies and palm oil companies are trying to intimidate the poor people in isolated communities into leaving and giving up their rights to the land they live on.  If they abandon it, then the oil companies can claim it to be theirs.

The PeaceKeeper teams help the poor rural people in Columbia.  Sometimes they help just by being present.  With an American on sight as witness, the oil companies will not murder the peasants.  Without an outside witness, however, the oil companies can kill people and tell the government that they were armed agitators advocating communism and they had to be killed.

One of the Peacekeepers came to talk to us today.  It was interesting and yet terrible to know.  There are other groups doing similar work.  Witness for peace can be found here.  Peace Brigades can be found here.  We generally have pretty interesting discussions, so please come join us some Sunday.  We seek a spiritual refuge in our Sunday morning gatherings... and we are interested in our world community's arc toward justice.  We consider many things... even theology sometimes.  Come listen when you want to, and stay away if the Sunday service doesnt appeal to you.  But give us a try.



We are living 'neath the great big dipper

We are washed by the very same rain

We are swimming in this stream together

Some in power, and some in pain

We can worship this ground we walk on

Cherishing the beings that we live beside

Loving spirits will live forever

We're all swimming to the other side.