This weekend we honor a man of extraordinary achievement.  Above all a minister, secondarily an activist and an orator of the freedom movement and the approach using non-violence.

For Dr. Martin Luther King, love is the ultimate force in the world for good.  Love is not passive resistance.  Love is active resistance.  Jesus says love your enemy, but he does not command us to like our enemy.  Love is understanding and redemptive good will.  You can love the individual even as you despise his deeds.

Mahatma Gandhi was one of his heroes.  He believed that Gandhi was a follower of Jesus and his teachings.  Jesus preached to the common people.  The downtrodden had no voice, not even in the church.  King had been searching for a way to lead the struggle for equal rights and when he studied Gandhi, he decided that he would reuse these techniques.

He said “the greatness of America is that we get the right to protest for our rights.”