"our ability to connect with ourselves and others, is at the root of what makes us sick and what makes us well, what causes sadness and what brings happiness, what makes us suffer and what leads to healing. If a new drug had the same impact, virtually every doctor in the country would be recommending it for his or her patients. It would be malpractice not to prescribe it — yet, with few exceptions, we doctors do not learn much about the healing power of love, intimacy, and transformation in our medical training."

These words were written by a guy named Dean Ornish, but their provenance is less important than the meaning.  We had a long discussion about community today.  What makes one, and what drawing together with some communities makes other kinds of communities more difficult.  The internet has allowed us to form wide communities.  If you have been reading these messages, then you have formed a tiny little community out of your relationship to me and my words.  I don't know about you, but you certainly know about me.  We have an imperfect community, but we have one between you and I.

The interesting thing I learned from today's discussion is to see the community from the community's perspective. I know I get something out of my relationship with the other members of the UU church.  But they also get something out of me being here.  If I leave, then the community has to change to deal without my presence.  We both benefit.

So, please come by next Sunday, we would like to meet you.  We have a nice community (we also have a couple of acres of woodland out back that you can stroll about in.  It turns out that we are kind of a community of introverts.