Today Madeline lead us in a discussion about what a meaningful life looks like.  The pursuit of happiness doesn't seem to work out for people.  Does happy mean comfortable?  Madeline defined a meaningful life according to the writings of Emily Esfahani Smith.  The four pillars of a meaningful life are: Belonging, Purpose, Transcendence, and Story.

Belonging means being in a group (or groups) where you are valued for who you are.  Having true relationships with other people is necessary for having a meaningful life.

Purpose is important too.  You have to contribute something to the world.  You may bring happiness, or improve the world with better engineering but you have to contribute to have meaning.

Transcendence is an important part of meaningfulness in life. You might have a sense of mystery or wonder, you might have a relationship with God, or just hold in awe the nature of the unknowable infinite, but some understanding of transcendence is important to a meaningful life.

Finally, you have to have s story that explains yourself.  Your story may be tied to your sense of belonging, or your sense of purpose, or even your sense of transcendence.  You can change your story... get a new job or change your relationships, but you must have a narrative.

If you would like to have a place of belonging, you might check us out some Sunday morning.  We are always around.