Today we discussed the four proposed “issues” that will be the focus of the American UU church in the coming years.  We had an introduction to 1) Gun Violence; 2) Corruption in our Democracy; 3) Climate Change; and 4) A conversation on race.

The congregation discussed all for in an open forum moderated by Rick (me.)  A lot was said on why we should not pick certain topics, but the discussion was redirected to why we should pick a topic.

In our discussion, we ultimately came down to a core belief that two of the four were fundamental.

The climate change topic is about a massive shift in the way we as residents of this planet will relate to nature in the future… and no one is talking about it on a national scale with real political backing that would indicate a policy for dealing with this coming change.

The corruption of our democracy topic is about one of the problems that affects all the others.  We can’t even deal with climate change largely because the politics interferes with the ability of the scientists to speak to us candidly.  It interferes with our ability to have a conversation about guns.  It interferes with our ability to have a meaningful discussion about race.

When the votes were counted, the congregation decided to endorse the study of political corruption.  The Supreme Court said that money is free speech.  The Supreme Court has said that corporations have the rights of citizens.  Since  corporations have no moral compass (they are legal constructions after all so how could they have a moral compass) there is great concern that their massive access to money will be used to influence the government to favor the interests of the corporations at the expense of human beings.

Well that is how it shook out.