Today, Madeline lead us in a service about our spiritual journey that lead us to come to this congregation.  This is a tricky topic for us to write about because people come visit our Sunday services from time to time.  Some never return, some decide to come back infrequently, and some decide that our little group of free thinkers is intriguing enough to return each week.  Here are some thoughts from those who return week after week.

For Matt, it was just the fact that we were friendly and welcoming.  For many, it was being exposed to a diversity of view points that lead them to Unitarian Universalism.  One person mentioned Pascal's Wager, which is the idea that the best bet was to bet on the existence of God, but, he didn't like being told what the answer is by a pastor or priest who didn't know any more than what the rest of us know about the nature of the divine.  Another person, a former Roman Catholic, said he knew a Priest personally, and could never believe that this Priest had a better relationship with God than he did.  One person said she came to church because she liked a little ritual to maintain her relationship to the divine, but didn't like going to a church that taught people to hate.

Most Unitarian Universalists are seeking some relationship with spirituality, (especially a  spirituality that is heavily influenced by Humanism.)  We believe that spirituality is in the seeking, while other religions will tell you the answer.

If you are eager to consider religious questions with others who are not always certain they have all the answers... If you would like the fellowship of others for celebration and worship, discussion and education, friendship, and mutual support... If you want children to be helped to develop their own religious belief... and you want to preserve the tradition of personal freedom and human dignity... we are here in Reynoldsburg, Ohio.  Come visit.



(Remember Jan 20, 2019 Ronald Payne will give us a retrospective on Selma... from the perspective of one who was there.)