Today, Madeline's open question "What gives you hope" was the topic of the service.  We at UUCE sometimes have services where a presenter gives a Sermon.  Sometimes the presenter gives a sermon and it is followed by a lively discussion.  Lively discussions are possible because we have a very small building (the building started off life as a house... a small house.)  Sometimes, like today, Madeline begins with some readings and it is mostly discussion.  While this may seem a little off-putting to you, it is actually makes for a very interesting day.

So, what gives you hope?

The first thing that comes into your mind is somewhat telling.

For example, one of the interesting observations about today was that as we commented on the topic, it became clear that there were three basic approaches to answering the question.  One group believed that the question was community and politically focused.  This group made comments about our current governor and President and about elections.  One camp believed that the question was inherently personal.  This group made comments about the hope they enjoy being among family and and non-family young ones just coming of age.  The third camp believed that the question was inherently spiritual.  Hope springs from a belief God and that arc of justice that Martin Luther King spoke about.

What gives you hope?

What gives me hope is that you will come visit us next Sunday and get to know us.  We are not a large church, but we are friendly, and we serve snacks (unless someone forgets.)