Today we had an open forum to discuss the year just ended.  We had new friends, new homes, new schools, and new puppies to get accustomed to.  We were seeing old friends, new babies and just watching our children grow.  We talked about hopes and dreams and a found list of last year’s resolutions.  The list in question was problematic for the finder because nothing on the list had been accomplished.  Madeline pointed out that the list could just be recycled into this year’s list, but with a pinch more resolve in the renewed resolution.

Then it was time for the congregational poll.  The 2016 General Assembly for Unitarian Universalists wants our input on which topic to select for the Congregational Study/Action Issue.  There are 4 to choose from, and they are all difficult to address in contemporary America.  Here is the selection… stay tuned because we will discuss these next week: