In the fall of every year we here at UUCE like to dedicate a Sunday to remember how precious water is to our lives and our home here on earth.  We make an attempt to bring in a vial of water from some place that is meaningful to us and add it to our common vessel of water… (although, in reality, this is a symbolic gesture and any water will do in a pinch.)  So each of us has the opportunity to add our small contribution of water to the pot, and tell something about a memory of the importance of water that has occurred in the prior year.  It is vital to life, and yet we often don’t give water it’s due reverence, so this is our opportunity to reflect (and share our reflections.)

Here are a few snippets of memories…

Camping reminds us that water seeks low ground and it encourages us humans to always move to the high ground.

Andy recounted joining the military at 18 and being shipped to the coast of North Carolina.  The image of that much water was sobering enough, but they took them out in small boats and made them climb up the side of an aircraft carrier.  For those of you who have not seen the enormity of a modern aircraft carrier, it is like taking the largest building in Cincinnati, turning it on its side and floating it.  Then it moves.  The site of the shoreline receding in the distance was very sobering for this 18 year old who is suddenly surrounded by water.   Now Atlantic Beach North Carolina is a happy place for Andy and he visits there with his family.

To Matt, water is visceral because he often gets dehydrated.  Water makes him think about the flow of life because water is not attached.  They lyric “I’m only happy when it rains” reminds him of the joy of water.

“No man ever steps in the same river twice, for it’s not the same river and he’s not the same man." - Heraclitus

Deepa observed the irony of water shortages on islands.  Such was the case in Puerto Rico when she was there earlier in the year.  Such is sometimes the case in her native Sri Lanka where it is vital for nature to bring rain to the mountains so that the people of the nation can have water to drink.
Thurman observed that rainbows should be honored for their water and shared with old friends.
Megan expressed her thanks for drinkable water supplied by the planet because she recently moved to a house that is supplied by water from a well.  The water at her house is amazingly pure.
And so do we all wish for the planet.  We took our vessel of water down to the creek and added our meager contribution.  Somehow we understand a little bit more of our common bonds, and our bond to the community through clean water.
(queue: Handel’s “Water Music” – yes we actually played this as a recessional.)