Today, Rick (that would be me) discussed the Nicean Creed.  The purpose of a creed is to act as a yardstick of correct belief, or orthodoxy. The creeds of Christianity have been drawn up at times of conflict about doctrine: acceptance or rejection of a creed served to distinguish believers and deniers of a particular doctrine or set of doctrines.

The Nicene Creed was adopted in the face of the Arian controversy. Arius,  had declared that although Jesus was divine, he was a created being here on earth, not a co-equal to God.  They said “there was when he was not.”  This made Jesus less than the Father, which posed certain challenges for the nascent doctrine of the Trinity which really did require three entities of more or less co-equal status.  Constantine, the Roman Emperor who had stopped the persecution of the Christians, had told the experts to gather together and figure out whether there Jesus was going to be considered a co-equal of God or just a man who did great things.  The Arian’s lost out.  Arius was declared a heretic.  Thus it has been with the Christian church ever since.

By the way, the Catholic encyclopedia defines Unitarians as those people who deny the Trilogy.  While we always try to include a lot more nuance when we try to define ourselves, it isn’t a bad description of us as descriptions go.