David Soliday has told us that he will have to give up offering a monthly service to our congregation.  His regular contributions will be sorely missed.  However, he remains our congregational inspiration emeritus.

David brought in today a picture of at Buddhist sand painting from Tibet.  It is a beautiful and elaborate painting that is intended to represent the cosmos.  When they are finished creating this beautiful work of art, they ritually sweep away the sands.  Life is beautiful, but it is short.

We know that the destruction of the sand painting is coming.  That it is short lived makes us examine its present beauty all the more.  If it was to last forever, well, we might start taking it’s presence for granted.  And so, keep your own death in front of you at all times.  Life is temporary.  When you can keep that in mind, you prepare yourself to keeping a different sort of values than you would if you thought your life would not end.  And gazing at your Chrystal ball can blind you.

Build your bridges, and then cross over them. Do not be afraid to make your changes, your landscape vistas change, but not your heart.