It was the big Father’s day celebration today, or at least the memory of our fathers… that is to say the memories that we felt we could share.  Seriously, we did celebrate our fathers.

Fathers set moral principles and teach us the importance of being true to them.

Fathers dance with us.

Fathers make toys for us to play with.

Fathers are heroes.

Fathers set an example for us to learn the important values in life.

Fathers know how to fix things… and sometimes teach us how to do it too.

Fathers teach us the work ethic by example.

Fathers teach us to whistle.

Life does not come with an instruction book, that’s why we have Fathers.

Some Fathers are still with us, some were taken away from us quite young.

The offertory music was Alan Sherman singing Hello Muddah, Hello Faddah.  After a while everyone was singing the chorus or just humming along.  Good ol’ Alan Sherman.  If  you don’t have any idea who Alan Sherman is, then you are too young.

Jim and Sue are going to celebrate their 42nd wedding anniversary this coming week.  Last week Jim, Stan, Becca Sue and Rick cleaned out the storage building.  Next Saturday is the National Wildlife Federation National Camp-out.  Matt and Emily and the boys are going to camp out at the fire pit.  They invite all who want to come participate to join them.  Even if you only want to come for the evening, it will be exciting.  Bring a potluck side dish.  Hotdogs will be available on site… You were expecting steak or what?  This is Ohio, folks… hot dogs are the meal of choice for a camp fire.

Now the news you have been waiting for.  The congregation president is going to be Madeline.  Rick will be Vice President.  Thurman was elected to be Member at large.  The secretary position is dicey.  Contact me for details if you want to know the gossip.