Today we had a lesson in meditation from a teacher at the Tibetan Buddhist meditation and study center: Karma Thegsum Choling.  2600 years ago the Buddha began instruction.  He believed that every human possesses the ability to demonstrate (1) loving kindness and compassion, (2) Virtue, and (3) the ability to tame the mind.  All I can say is that the Buddha never met my nephew.

Anyway, Buddha knew that the mind has an unlimited ability to think things.  During meditation, we have to learn to recognize that and let it go.  Sit in a dignified way, sit up straight, take a deep breath, raise up your chest, tuck in your chin, and set a timer.  OK, it is more complicated than that.  The instructor gave us all a booklet to take home.  Joy pointed out that there is a “Meditation for Dummies” book available.

Our story was Mindful Monkey and Happy Panda.

Don’t forget to register your Kroger card for Kroger rewards for the church.  Yes, again.  We have to do it every year. No, it doesn’t affect your discounts or fuel points.  It is designed for you to shop more often at Kroger so that UUCE gets our extra financing.  Any more questions?  find Kroger Community Rewards on the internet.  Click on Columbus (for some reason they do this by geography) Our reg number is “80237”  You can check your fuel points while you are there.

Volunteerism.  Church members cleared the way for spring lawn mowing today.  Next week Rick will roto-till the meadow for wildflower planting.  The Three Cranes Grove planted trees yesterday in the park.  Oak and Dogwood.  Betty thanks everyone for being so generous in sharing food following services.  Joy’s joy is that everything at her work has gone smoothly recently.  We lit candles for Betty’s son who is looking for a job and Sylvia who’s newborn babies died suddenly.    Also we lit candles for the Ohio Nat Guard members killed recently and for a successful resolution to the middle east conflict… such a small candle for such a big task.