Happy New Year and greetings all around. 

For those who have noticed my dwindling dedication to prompt correspondence, I apologize for my absence from posting News and Notes for each Sunday service.  I shall rededicate myself to timely publication of the chronicle.

This Sunday, we spent with personal rededication to the principles of the Unitarian Universalist.  Jim played a video that featured several prominent UU’s of the past and present.  There were a couple of early presidents of the United States who professed to be either Unitarian or Universalist (it is unlikely for anyone to be nominated for President today without much soul searching over religious convictions.)  Jim had a presentation wherein many people expressed dedication to UU principles.  After that, many of us in the congregation spoke of our own decisions to join in with this particular congregation.

Announcements:  The Sierra club sent us a thank-you for participation in their Bike to the Future event last fall.  They would also like our help in future events such as their campaign to tell ODOT  that Ohio needs more Transportation options. 

Betty announced that she is still seeking volunteers for bringing refreshments to share after each Sunday Service.

Please remember to sign up for the Kroger Community Rewards Program.www.krogercommunityrewards.com Our organization number is 80237

By the way, I recently read that over half of all UU congregations consist of fewer than 100 citizens.  So, although we are small, we are not so much the anomaly that those in the Meadeville district would have us believe.   Also, according to the latest treasurer’s report, (what? You haven’t been reading the treasurer’s report?) we are pretty much right on our budget target for the year.  We never seem to be so far ahead as to get comfortable, nor so far behind as to become panicky. 

Welcome to Winter in Central Ohio.