Hello everybody,
Its been bothering us that I haven’t been doing my newsletter duties so I’m going to make a pledge to get this up and running once again.  I’ll try to update it as we move through the month with things as they come up.
For starters, please know that our congregation is very open to new ways of thinking from every corner so long as the underlying message is tolerance.  We are the LGBTQ friendliest place you can imagine, but we are not listed in the Central Ohio list of LGBTQ friendly congregations (mostly because they need money to keep up their website, and as a small congregation we are very spending conscientious.)  We are also happy as Unitarian Universalists to be a  member of the Interfaith Caucus in Central Ohio.
We have a wonderful setting on which to be mindful.  If you want to meditate, make a spiritual connection, or worship in your own private way, please feel free to wander about in the woods.  Please be tolerant of the wildlife back there (they think it belongs to them.)