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Service presented by Rick Pittaway

Spring Cleaning

For the Memorial Day Sunday, Owen Thomas will talk about the artwork, calligraphy etc. left at the church that belonged to the late Betty Aiken.

Grounded Positivity

Is the glass half empty or half full? How do you get through the dark times in your life?

Presented by Ryan DeBerry

May Day

Discussing the history and celebrations of May Day.

Flower Service

Happy Mother’s Day. The UU Flower service will be this Sunday. Please bring a flower to share. even if it is a dandelion At the end of service those who are able can participate in Women Standing for Peace

Reading of a Sermon

Eggs and Bunnies UUs and Easter a sermon by Rev.Ann Marie Alderman


A chapter from the book “Listening Hearts 14 Gatherings for Reflections and Sharing” by Christine Robinson and Alicia Hawkins

UU Water Communion

Please bring a small amount of water from home. We will do the water ceremony. The ceremony will symbolize a fresh start. Together again in person post pandemic.

We will be meeting in person at the church building at 1789 Lancaster Ave Reynoldsburg Ohio.